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Business Info

As a consultant for myriad industries, I find the North American Classification System (NCAIS) as invaluable. This system categories North American (Canda, US & Mexico) businesses according to their economic area, including: largest business sector, sub-sector, industry group, NAICS industries & national industries.

Wanting to file a DBA in Texas? Check out your local County Clerks Office: San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Houston

Looking to incorporate your organization? Check out

Information Technology

Search the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers) to look up the Organization and POC for public IP addresses

Search to look up the Organization and POC for Public Domain names

There are several good websites to identify your current IP address, assigned by your ISP – one of which is

There are at least a dozen Geolocation (IP to Physical Address Mapping) service providers, including: IP2Location,, EurekAPI, DB-IP, and MaxMind to name a few.

Norse has an interesting map that lets you watch the millions of cyber attacks daily around the world – in real time. For a great overview you can also check out Akamai’s ‘Real Time Web Monitor‘.